Technology Fund

$230 of $2,800 raised

Computers, software, and other technologies are an integral part of firefighting today. In order to provide timely response we rely on computers, cell phones, and iPads with GPS to get to the scene. And of course there is the office work that requires computer, printers, phones, security, camera, internet, etc. The list goes on as we are a business of volunteers.

We currently own 1 XP, 2 Vista, a one WIN10 desktop, and one WIN10 laptop. We have a multi-function printer, and a laser printer. To put it mildly, we are in need of a complete overhaul.

In leu of monetary donations we are in need of:

2 laptops either with WIN10 or Chrome OS. These will be used for monitoring and logging call responses.

Four displays greater that 22″, does not need to be high resolution but accept HDMI. Three docking stations for the laptops to the monitors.

32-45″ TV to mount in the engine room to view emergency updates.

Three WIN10 laptops. SSD would be great as would 2.3Ghz or better, and 16GB ram, in order to run the software used in creating reporting, and for programming our radios, pagers, etc.

If you have any of these items to donate please contact Michael at

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Donation Total: $20.00